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Therapeutic massage is an effective tool to relieve stress. Here's why!


Mental anxiety is translated into muscular tension by your brain.


A massage relieves muscular tension and signals your brain to tell all your muscles to unwind.

In fact, massaging just one area of the body can produce whole body relaxation!

Back and neck pain are the most common conditions treated by massage therapists.


Often simple muscle tension is the cause.


Unrelieved muscle tension can result in fatigue and pain, decreasing your productivity, and contributing to anxiety.


Migraine headaches, job burn-out, blurred vision and stiff necks are a few of the common effects of job stress that might easily and pleasurably be avoided with regular therapeutic massage!


Benefits of Massage

-Increase circulation

-relieves sore and aching muscles

-increases energy

-promotes removal of toxins and waste products

-relieves tension and anxiety

-relieves muscle fatigue post work outs

-Aides in digestion

-Improves immune system

-Alleviate pain caused by blood flowing through tight muscles

-brings balance to the body

-enhances emotional and physical well being

-clears the mind and

-enhances self image

Massage therapy is covered by most health care plans...Check yours today!

Life takes it out of you, but massage will put it back in you, whether you are suffering a severe whiplash injury, sports injury or experiencing Insomnia.


Massage therapy works at getting you back to a healthier you!

Gift Certificates Available!


$110.00 plus HST for first appointment = $126.50

$100.00 hour treatment plus HST= $115.00

$55.00 half hour treatment plus HST= $63.25

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